The Team

Amazing Talents


Kristof Gillese

writer / director

Kristof is leaning heavily on his experiences growing up in a mixed Chinese-Canadian family for this project. Responsible for a wide variety of elements in the development phase, he also is developing his own acting career and creating meaningful time with his wife and 2 children, Clare and Adam, who are both professional actors and members of Actra/UBCP.


Connor Ghering.jpeg

Connor Ghering


This crew member brought their delightful personality and creative mindset with them each and every day, helping to set the collaborative tone throughout the duration of the project.


Yandy Liu.png

Yandy Liu

Director of Photography

Based in Vancouver, Yandy Liu is an award-nominated cinematographer with 14 films under her name in the past 3 years. Her works focus on the art of the image in motion pictures and help to bring the stories alive. With experiences from both the technical and artistic side of cinematography, Yandy is a hands-on problem solver who tackles the difficulty head-on and works with her team to find a solution. With a strong understanding of her department, Yandy also values the collaboration between different departments and strives to support the story with her skills. 


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Michael Walls

Special Effects Supervisor

A veteran member of the Vancouver Film community, I’ve worked in the Special Effects department for more than 30 years on all genres of shows. This has allowed me to learn the importance of my craft and the integration of physical effects with all aspects of the creative process.

I have had the pleasure of watching and learning from many of the most respected and talented members of the entire industry, and bring that training with me to all of the projects I’m involved with.

Whether it’s a big budget Feature, a mainstream TV series, MOW or a local Independent project, I enjoy the collaborative creative process and using all of the collective knowledge to solve any roadblocks in the journey to the final product.



Tyler Balascak

aerial camera

"Growing up, I've always had a love for the motion picture industry. Creating content was something I was always fascinated by. Over the years, drones have begun to make huge impacts in various applications. From major feature films, TV shows, short films, and more, drones are a very effective aerial alternative. Since getting my hands on a drone way back in 2017, I’ve always been really intrigued by their endless opportunities. Being the aerial cinematographer on Chinese Laundry allows me to hone in my creative skills while working on a project I truly believe in."